I’ve had a hard time squaring the idea of religion with living a normal life. Growing up under evangelical Christianity I was taught that most of what other people do in their day to day—things like consume non-religious entertainment, take things to alter their consciousness, including alcohol, communicating with your body (things like dancing, or making sensually provocative images), anything sex related—was dangerous, and to be avoided.

These were the methods that Satan and his army used to pull a follower away from Christ. Satans goal, for some reason, was to get as many people into hell as possible. TBH Satan seems more like a live and let live guy and hell was God’s idea.

Anyway, now when I see an entertainer that’s religious something doesn’t square with how I know religion to be. When I hear that The Killers are Mormons, I get a touch of the cognitive dissonance. Mostly because music is the real authentic thing, one of the big indicators that you’re human. And religion is artificial.

Religion is, at its finest, a best-guess at unknowable things with an eye towards comforting the participants while turning everyone else into a kind of out-group. At worst it’s far worse.

Religion thinks it’s the real thing. The principle and practice by which you should live your life, as if non believers were somehow less successful at being human beings.

I lose respect for an artist when I find out they’re very religious. You cannot serve two masters, and I want more people who serve art first and foremost.