Artists and Religion

I’ve had a hard time squaring the idea of religion with living a normal life. Growing up under evangelical Christianity I was taught that most of what other people do in their day to day—things like consume non-religious entertainment, take things to alter their consciousness, including alcohol, communicating with your body (things like dancing, or… Continue reading Artists and Religion


I spend a lot of time thinking about people’s value systems, and while this sounds both pretentious and obvious, there’s a deep well to draw from when you’re daydreaming. For my purposes, I want to try and define what I mean when I say ‘value.’ Normally when you hear the word ‘value’ it’s associated with… Continue reading Values

You Are Not Superman

Superman taught me how to be a man. When I say this, it’s important to understand who Superman actually is. To me. What makes him a unique character? What distinguishes him from someone who is just strong or can fly. Superman is not defined by his strength, even though he’s so strong he’s one of… Continue reading You Are Not Superman

Story, Narrative, and the Power to Change Your World

Friends, and quite frankly anyone who will listen, often hear me talk about story as the way in which we construct our lives. Reading The Hero With A Thousand Faces, watching hours of film criticism, learning the music of editing film, listening to actual music, acting, taking in way too much Alan Watts, and countless… Continue reading Story, Narrative, and the Power to Change Your World

Beware of Consumption

Two years ago I moved to Austin with any possession that fit into a VW Bug and nothing else. A few days ago I drove back to Virginia Beach with the same amount of stuff. It just goes to show how little you need, and also how easily it is to acquire things. God bless… Continue reading Beware of Consumption

We Need New Narratives

I wrote this back in February of 2017, so anything that seems dated, is. “I can’t wait till it’s over.” That was a common phrase I read and heard all throughout 2016. With the passing of each beloved, once controversial cultural icon we would memorialize them and bemoan our lot in the same breath. We… Continue reading We Need New Narratives