• These Unprecedented Times

    A couple of weeks ago, I saw this video making the rounds on the social medias. It’s a brilliant supercut, funny all the way through, and at the time of this writing it has over 1 million views. (The rest of the videos on the channel all have a couple thousand views. They’re mostly commercial […]

  • Let’s Ask Some Questions

    “I already didn’t like Billy Joel and someone went and ruined him for me” – Alicia Luma I have to confess I’ve never been very bullish on the world. I was raised as an evangelical Christian. My parents followed a sect of Christianity that traces its roots to the Pilgrims. I was sent to a […]

  • Values

    I spend a lot of time thinking about people’s value systems, and while this sounds both pretentious and obvious, there’s a deep well to draw from when you’re daydreaming. For my purposes, I want to try and define what I mean when I say ‘value.’ Normally when you hear the word ‘value’ it’s associated with […]

  • Objects, Concepts, and Objective Concepts

    Today I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and, as one does, I stopped briefly on one of my friends photos. I was spurred by mild curiosity, read the comments, and saw that a social media outlet of a major brand—or mildly significant if you want to get technical—commented on her picture. I went to […]

  • You Are Not Superman

    Superman taught me how to be a man. When I say this, it’s important to understand who Superman actually is. To me. What makes him a unique character? What distinguishes him from someone who is just strong or can fly. Superman is not defined by his strength, even though he’s so strong he’s one of […]

  • We Need New Narratives

    I wrote this back in February of 2017, so anything that seems dated, is. “I can’t wait till it’s over.” That was a common phrase I read and heard all throughout 2016. With the passing of each beloved, once controversial cultural icon we would memorialize them and bemoan our lot in the same breath. We […]

  • The New Taboos

    Every year brings change and this is no different. Why should it be? While we all deal with our personal issues, it’s important to put them into context of our society at large. Why? Well, put into context, issues seem both easier to deal with and easier to understand. So much of our interactions are […]

  • The Soul in the Postmodern Era

    We live in curious times. With the progress that has come to symbolize western capitalism—from the 6 month product release cycle of electronics to the pervasive starburst containing the words NEW! and IMPROVED!—the most important things are principles we have always held dear, or rather things we look to for their permanence and lasting qualities.

  • Oh, Comic Sans

    Oh, Comic Sans

    It’s no secret that designers do not like this font, and it seems to be a bit of an internet joke to show pictures of it being used inappropriately in things like term papers, informational signage, and warnings of harm to life and limb. There have been countless articles written on why it’s so bad, […]

  • The Truth & Reality

    Once upon a time in the 90s I used to collect hockey cards. The brand we were into at the time was Topps, but in the game of one-upmanship that is retail, an upstart card company called The Upper Deck came out with better designed card stock photographs. They were glossier, and while they didn’t […]