Story, Narrative, and the Power to Change the World

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Friends, and quite frankly anyone who will listen, often hear me talk about story as the way in which we construct our lives. Reading The Hero With A Thousand Faces, watching hours of film criticism, learning the music of editing film, listening to actual music, acting, taking in way too much Alan Watts, and countless […]

Beware of Consumption

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Two years ago I moved to Austin with any possession that fit into a VW Bug and nothing else. A few days ago I drove back to Virginia Beach with the same amount of stuff. It just goes to show how little you need, and also how easily it is to acquire things. God bless […]

We Need New Narratives

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I wrote this back in February of 2017, so anything that seems dated, is. “I can’t wait till it’s over.” That was a common phrase I read and heard all throughout 2016. With the passing of each beloved, once controversial cultural icon we would memorialize them and bemoan our lot in the same breath. We […]

Thoughts on Biden’s Farewell

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I originally posted this on my Facebook wall: Just watched Joe Bidens’ farewell and was struck by how fortunate I was to live during a time where I could witness such genuine interest in public service in a presidency. The way both of these men speak about each other reveals so much about their relationship. […]

Identity Politics

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And you may ask yourself: “How did I get here?” — Once in a Lifetime, The Talking Heads Before you tuck in, I should warn you that I’m about to write about politics. If you’d rather watch YouTube videos or ingest household chemicals I wouldn’t be offended. Still here? Good! There are two often heard […]

Moral Outrage! It’s Easy!

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The recent story about an ex-Stanford swimmer/rapist is all over the internet. You can read essays galore about rape culture, find outraged tweets, and—invariably—people on right-wing talk radio defending the decision and making fun of those who feel an appropriate amount of the aforementioned outrage, whether borne from a genuine opinion or just the need […]

‘Moments’ vs Authenticity

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We as a people love to mythologize moments even though most of our time is taken up by the day to day routine. One shower is the same as the next, the things one usually has for breakfast, “my morning coffee” as if to say that they’re all the same. If you were to hear […]

Nobody Writes Letters Anymore

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At the opening of Nobody Writes Letters Anymore, the latest show at Work|Release in Norfolk, VA.

Work | Release

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The Texaco building in Norfolk has been renovated and turned into an art gallery/general party space.

The Fifth Wall

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Andy Warhol once extolled the virtues of Coke, saying that it’s a unique experience in that no matter what your station, there’s only one Coke and when you drink it, you place yourself on the same level as the president or Elizabeth Taylor. Little did he know that’s there’s a special coke for super rich […]

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