Art, Artifice and Taylor Swift.

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Haters We all have a personal sense of music. The knowledge that the artists of the day are speaking to your generation, issues you are familiar with, the things that make you happy, sad, etc. The reason we find the good stand up comedians good is their ability to reflect us back to us, but with […]

Snow in Raleigh

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A few weeks ago, I took an impromptu trip to Raleigh. Snow somehow seems more romantic when you’re not looking at it through your living room window. I love state parks, and I couldn’t resist visiting Raleighs’. There were very few people in the park, including the park rangers. I walked till my footprints were […]

A Wasted Evening, in Three Acts.

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I’m really tired of the three act story. I’ve always been fascinated with film and the medium of visual storytelling. It is (along with music) the most accessible form of art we have. Unlike music, however, there’s also a great sense of community. Your enjoyment of music may vary slightly when you hear your favorite […]

Pyrrhic Whim

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Over the weekend, in my constant quest to avoid boredom (and to connect with other human beings) I went out to hear a few local musicians and see a few friends. It’s one of those experiences that makes you realize that you live among some truly interesting human beings.

The Soul in the Postmodern Era

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We live in curious times. With the progress that has come to symbolize western capitalism—from the 6 month product release cycle of electronics to the pervasive starburst containing the words NEW! and IMPROVED!—the most important things are principles we have always held dear, or rather things we look to for their permanence and lasting qualities.

Oh, Comic Sans

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Oh, Comic Sans

It’s no secret that designers do not like this font, and it seems to be a bit of an internet joke to show pictures of it being used inappropriately in things like term papers, informational signage, and warnings of harm to life and limb. There have been countless articles written on why it’s so bad, […]

The Truth & Reality

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Once upon a time in the 90s I used to collect hockey cards. The brand we were into at the time was Topps, but in the game of one-upmanship that is retail, an upstart card company called The Upper Deck came out with better designed card stock photographs. They were glossier, and while they didn’t […]

Taste & Morality

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The following is an essay I wrote last year when trying to get a handle on WordPress. Now that I have mastered it (ha!) I’ll be updating far more often. Enjoy. In deciding to write a blog, adding my virtual voice to the millions of pages flowing through the tubes, it is pertinent to think […]

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